Dry Ice in Water

Recently I filmed a short video for At-Bristol with one of my talented colleagues, Nerys Shah. It was something I'd wanted to do for some time since I was keen to begin raising the online profile of the Live Science Team whilst simultaneously demonstrating the type of thing we do day-to-day.

This was also the first video I had made for At-Bristol where I had remained completely off-camera and focused on filming. It's always nice to gain a fresh perspective on your work and it reminded me just how much I have left to learn. Even on a small, simple production such as this I learnt some valuable lessons.

I asked Nerys to choose her favourite exhibit to talk about. Thankfully, she also chose one of my favourites and one which is definitely a favourite with visitors: Icy Bodies.

Icy Bodies beautifully demonstrates the simple interaction between dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) and water. It was a little tricky to get some of the close-up shots I wanted, but I was pleased with the final result.