Do Try This At Home: Kitchen Chemistry

Bonnie Buckley of the Live Science Team shows you a messy experiment you can whip up in your kitchen! For this simple experiment, all you need is a whisk & some cream! Why not try your own kitchen chemistry experiments using different whisks or creams & see what happens. Or try Matthew's experiment shaking cream in a jar with a marble!

This video was presented by: Bonnie Buckley
Produced and edited by: Ross Exton, Live Science Video Producer

After filming Blue Peter - You Decide! and taking a quick holiday, I'm finally back producing video content for At-Bristol. Here is my latest production, Do Try This At Home: Kitchen Chemistry. I've wanted to produce a video like this for some time. I wanted to film something with our younger visitors, demonstrate how the Live Science Team interacts with families, show how the Live Lab space is used, and show an experiment which viewers could try at home.

The real challenge editing this video was balancing the entertaining and engaging content, accurately conveying the science, remaining clear so that viewers could follow the experiment and repeat it at home, and keeping it concise (I achieved my target of under five minutes).

I was really pleased with the result. I only wish I'd filmed more B-track to give me greater flexibility with editing, possibly making that challenge a little easier. But, in the end, I think the edit shows there was a lot more to the full interaction (which usually takes 30-40 minutes) whilst retaining an engaging and informative experience for the viewer.