Ross isn't just a presenter, he's also a skilled video producer. He has 5 years experience of creating educational YouTube videos covering everything from cows to hot air balloons.
With experience of researching, writing, producing, directing, filming, editing and marketing, Ross is able to apply skills learnt behind the camera to his presenting; with an appreciation and understanding of exactly what the producer wants. On this page you will find his showreel, most recent videos, and some of his best productions.

Latest video: To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, Ross investigates the science of spin and meets Jen Palmer from England's touch rugby squad to get some top passing tips!

Best of Ross Exton:

Give directions to your friends just by dancing? Ross takes a look inside a hive to investigate the mysterious behaviour of dancing honey bees.

Is glass a solid or liquid? How can glass support the weight of a 32-stone gorilla? Join Ross as he explores the science of glass.

Without good balance, figure skaters risk epic fails. Ross Exton of the Live Science Team speaks to Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers, two of the stars of ITV's Dancing on Ice 2014, and takes a look at a real human brain to discover what stops us from falling over.